Game Rules

Lucky Dice Game Introduction

1, Make sure you have an EOS account. For a tutorial on how to create one, Click Here.

2, If you didn't install Scatter yet, please Click Here to install Scatter

3, Press the login button to login through Scatter or Mobile EOS Wallet

4, Choose your betting currency, you can bet with EOS or LUCK token

5, Select your bet amount

6, Slide the slider to change your winning by guessing the upper limit of the dice number

7, Click "Roll Dice" to bet. If the dice number rolled is within the dice number range you guess, you win and get the payout

* As the game is run on the EOS Smart Contract, it is proved to be fair and cannot be cheated. By our unique Encryption technology, the result of rolling will not be changed by any means.

Lucky Star Game Introduction

Due to the irreversible modification and unpredictability of blockchain hash values, the hash value of a certain block is theoretically highly random.
Then we can predict what the last bit of the hash value of a block in the future is. Because the hash value is in hexadecimal, consisting of the numbers 0-9, and the letters a-f,
So the probability that the last digit of the hash is a specific number or letter is 1/16.


For example, the hash value above, if user A bets the number 8, there is no guess. If User B bets the number 6, it is guessed.
8% of the bet amount for each user is given to the referee, 2% is reserved for the platform fee, and the remaining 90% is entered into the prize pool.

When a certain period of the bet ends, the guessed user allocates all the prizes in the prize pool by the amount of the bet amount.
All quiz records and bonus allocations are publicly queried on the blockchain.

"Guess is mining" description

Users will get the LUCK token in the rate of 1EOS:10LUCK when betting. So regardless of whether users A have won, the platform will return the mining reward to users. In addition, users holding LUCK can also enjoy the benefits of the platform, the platform will take out 50% of the monthly income of each month to repurchase LUCK and permanently destroy.

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